"Unsung Hero" Recognition

The lives of the children of Darien are very rich indeed. There are many factors, which contribute to the nurturing environment this community offers. One such example is the commitment, dedication and thoughtfulness of the many adults who are involved with our children. The roles these individuals play are vast: there are teachers, coaches, den leaders; there are custodians, crossing guards, PTO members, lunch room attendants. In fact, there are so many different individuals who contribute to our children's lives it would be difficult to list them all.

The Children's Council of Darien would very much like to acknowledge some of these people with the "UNSUNG HERO" award. The purpose is not to duplicate the very highly regarded Volunteer Recognition Award presented by the Community Council (United Way) and the Volunteer Center but to address those who impact our children's lives in either a volunteer or paid capacity.

Some of the criteria the Children's Council feels are important to consider while selecting your nominee is:

  1. The recipient can be either a paid employee or a volunteer with your organization.
  2. The individual should be new to this award. We are looking for someone whose contributions to the lives of our children were of particular "importance" during the 1998-99 school year. This does not mean his/her contributions need to be in the spotlight, but rather of an "UNSUNG HERO" nature.
  3. Every organization should only submit one nomination.
  4. In an effort to recognize many people, please do not duplicate nominees who are receiving other similar awards.
  5. The nominee need not be a resident of Darien but rather someone who is involved in the lives of children in Darien.

Please submit your nomination before April 9, 2000 using the online nominating form.

All nominees will be honored at our annual luncheon on May 4th at 11:00 a.m., at the Darien Community Association. We are hoping nominees and a representative from all nominating organizations will be able to attend. The Children's Council is committed to being advocates of the on-going and ever-changing needs of Darien's youth, and hope that you will share our feelings of the importance of an award such as this.


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